Date of Report: Monday, 26th November 2018
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Name: Louis de Jager (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 021-4247725

The rivers continue to be in perfect condition. There is sufficient flow and waters are crystal clear with none of the sediment seen in previous years in the Smalblaar. The Elandspad and even the Holsloot are producing and I reckon we have another 3-4 weeks of fishing before the rivers drop and become too warm for good fishing. Likewise, at Lakenvlei in the Ceres district, this stillwater has fished well and stocking with catchable fish this year has boosted the fishing. For those lucky members who won lottery tickets for the Jan du Toits in the Worcester district the fishing has been magnificent

The only river which has not performed is the Witte at Bainskloof where the brown trout population was badly hit by the heat and drought of a year ago and will take some time to recover


The Jan du Toit’s – photo by Leonard Flemming