Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Thursday, 23rd December 2021
Name: Devan Lagendyk
Phone: 083 289 9097

Sundays river

Good catches of young kob have been caught in the river

Catches of grunter caught on bait and lure have also been made.

Swartkops river

Reasonable size of garrick have been caught in the river for the last couple of weeks.

Good catches of grunter have been made on bait and surface lures.

Reasonably sized kob have also been caught in the last couple of weeks.

I have not heard of any skipjack being caught, hopefully these fish will make a appearance towards the end of the summer.

Gamtoos river

Have not heard of any decent size kob being caught in the river for a while, however there are still smaller fish being caught.

Good catches of garrick and skipjack have been made in the upper reaches of the river for the last couple of weeks.

Reasonable sized grunter have been caught by bait fisherman, however it remains a challenge to catch a grunter on fly in this river due to the lack of sand or mud banks in the system,best would be to target these fish along the side of the river where the "drop'off" is bit further from the side and a small "bank" is created.

Krom river

I noticed few catches of grunter caught on fly have been posted on social media. However, I have not heard of any other catches being made in the river.

In my opinion fishing can be tough this time of the year due to an increase of boat traffic on the rivers. Best would be to start fishing as early in the morning as possible or to fish late afternoon into the darkness.


Sunrise on the Swartkops River