FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Monday, 12th March 2018
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Name: Gary Grobler
Phone: 0823520336

There has been a light sprinkling of red tide the last several weeks and has pushed many fish species right up onto the shoreline. Shore anglers have reported large catches of elf and cob in the 4 – 6 lbs range. Good sized skipjack have been taken with many lost as well. An unconfirmed report mentioned small swimming prawn in the Swartkops River around the Redhouse area the last 6 days.


Flat rocks -  Despite blanking on this stretch of water the last 2 outing it remains one of my favourite especially when the fishing comes on. It can really become explosive at times.

Swartkops River – Garrick and skipjack have been taken regularly. The boating community have been taking plenty of above average Grunter whilst some very large skipjack have been taken on dropshot. The last outing to “skilpies” I managed to tread on 3 electric rays. Not a good experience.

Kromme River – Some various sized Garrick taken on fly. Young Joshua Holmes has been targeting feeding Grunter but no hook-ups to date.

Sundays River – Several large cob but not on fly.

Gamtoos River – This river is not an easy river to fish with a fly but some grunter have been taken from the boat


Vivian Waters with a Garrick


Garrick & skipjack flies


Gary’s articulated prawn for grunter