Flyfishing report: Saltwater - South Coast

Date of Report: Tuesday, 20th February 2024
Name: Arthur Cary
Phone: 076 3120417

It would appear that all the fish of a decent size have deserted the KZN South Coast. Recent trips by members of South Coast Fly Anglers (SCFA) to local farm dams, produced a fair number of fish, but very few of a reasonable size. While this may bode well for the future, it does not appease the current desire. Dams, in the main, are still fairly dirty, due to good rains in January. Weed growth in several dams seems to more prolific than in the past. Whether this is due to the current heat or to increased use of fertilizer by farmers is unknown, but it does make for challenging fishing conditions at times.

  The Umzimkulu River, is beginning to show a decent spot of clean water at times, and if the catchment area does not get heavy rain in the near future, we may be able to fish the estuary and even try upstream for a scaley or two.

Saltwater fishing is still extremely slow. A recent outing by 11 SCFA members to the Southbroom area, only produced 3 small wave Garrick and a mooney. Not much to show for a total of 40 rod hours, using two dozen (or more) fly patterns, tied in all colours of the rainbow. The lack of fish could not be blamed on the conditions as the weather and water conditions were terrific, with an incoming tide and a low swell of on half a metre or so. Ever hopeful, the one theme at the post fishing sarmie-and-coffee gathering in the car park was, “Oh well, things are looking up; at least a couple of fish were caught this time. Next week will be better.”

The Event Calendar for the South Coast Fly Anglers Association.





25 Feb

Saltwater outing

Mzamba estuary


29 Feb

Monthly meeting

Umtentweni Tennis Club

18h15 – 18h30

2 March

Prize giving

Steve’s home


3 March

Paddock Bass Compo



13 March

Fly tying workshop

Neil’s home


17 March

Saltwater outing

Umtentweni Grannies Pool


28 March


Umtenweni Tennis Club

18h00 for 18h30

3 April

Committee meeting

John’s home


10 April

Fly Tying workshop

Neil’s home


10 April

Grub ‘n travel meeting

Neil’s home

After fly tying

12-14 April

Trout trip

Silver streams05h30



South Coast scene