FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - South Coast

Date of Report: Tuesday, 24th April 2018
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Name: Arthur Cary
Phone: 076 3120417

Herewith some notes on the fishing scene:

Fishing in general is sporadic, even though the sea is clean, calm and warm on most mornings. One trip will produce a variety of fish and the next day, albeit similar conditions, will result in a blank. My ever- hopeful source expects fishing on all fronts to improve in the next two weeks. The best advice is get a bait or a fly into the water and you may be lucky.

Offshore: Bonito, tuna and couta are scarce on most outings, probably due to a scarcity of bait fish. There are also very few sharks around at the moment.

Rock and surf: The odd bronze bream and shad are available, but not in great numbers. The shad that are around, seem to be mainly of a decent size. A shad of 5 kg was caught on fly at Shelly beach last week.

A nice queenfish was caught at at Southport beach last week. Natal snoek are being caught by the spinning anglers off rocky points, in deep water.

Two weeks ago the Port Shepstone Sandspit fished very well, with a number of snapper salmon being caught in very dirty water. At the moment the odd cob is being caught.

Estuaries: Very quiet, as they are not too clean and fairly cool for some reason.

The South Coast Fly Anglers Club programme to mid -2018 is shown below:





25 April

Monthly Meeting

Shelley Beach Skiboat Club

8 May

Fly tying workshop

Dean’s home

14 May

Grub & travel meeting

Shelley Beach Skiboat Club

18 to 20 May

Matatiele Trout Compo

Matatiele mountain Lake

30 May

Monthly meeting

Shelley Beach Skiboat Club

6 June

Committee meeting

Pieters home

12 June

Fly tying workshop

Dean’s home