Date of Report: Friday, 5th January 2018
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


Rainfall in the area has varied from 150ml to 250ml for December so all the dams are overflowing. And as important as that has been the fact that it has been a fairly cool December with just the odd hot day and this has kept water temperatures down. John Hunter at Village Angler says he has caught 17 trout at the Jansens club dam on a Black Sculpin using an intermediate line. Walkersons and Millstream waters have produced on Muddlers and Black Wooly Buggers but the fishing has been difficult at times. Treeferns trout seem to be responding to damsels while the Town Dam has been fishing quite well with Black Woolly Buggers and Hammils Killers hooking the fish.

250 ml of rain was recorded at Middelpunt during December so TFFC’s seven dams are overflowing strongly. As the level of the trophy dam, Dam 1, which has been very weedy lifted considerably anglers were able to fish parts comfortably with floating lines and several very large rainbows were put back. For more information go to


The river is still below its usual summer level but it was stocked before Christmas. However, there have not been many visitors on the water over the festive season . Day tickets available from Big Skye which also has good fishing available especially for kids and beginners in their Horseshoe Dam.  Phone Andrew at 013-7642682.


Dam 5 at Middelpunt on a misty day