FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Lower Vaal & Orange

Date of Report: Friday, 5th May 2017
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Name: Noel Wewege
Phone: 083 259 6953

Orange River

We were down at the Orange in the Hopetown area 2 weeks ago and had a very poor day. The day was warm and the water temperature was between 19° and 20°C which was perfect. The water was very low and we concentrated on the faster water but maybe we should have targeted the slower, deeper glides and pools. I have to say that the water was very low and I have noticed that there is a lot of activity as the river starts to rise for about an hour. It then quietens down until the water recedes again when they come on the bite again.  What one must try and do is learn when water is to be released from the VDK dam upstream.

Riet River

The water level has dropped but the temperatures a week ago was 17°C which is quite good but obviously it like the Orange will start to drop quite quickly. So far it has been a good season on the Riet.


I was boating on the river at Douglas and noticed that the water had turned green due to excessive nutrients. Very poor conditions for fishing.


Noel on the Orange in full flow.