FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Lower Vaal & Orange

Date of Report: Monday, 6th February 2017
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Name: Noel Wewege
Phone: 083 259 6953

I am currently on leave in Plet and hoping to do a bit of saltwater flyfishing for grunter but I have kept in contact with my friends who report:

Orange River

The river below VDK is still discoloured as we have had good rains but my fishing pals said that despite this they had some good fishing last weekend with good catches of yellows.

Riet River

Very low clear and warm at the moment. We are hoping that the rains which have increased the flow of the Orange and which indirectly feeds the Riet River irrigation scheme will result in an increase in flow in the Riet.

Lower Vaal.

Apparently, the flow has increased but what we need is a good spate to flush out the pollution. I do hear that the water grass is starting to grow back after being grazed flat by grass carp.


The Orange at Vioolsdrift – photo by Andre Hoffman