FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Middle Vaal

Date of Report: Monday, 14th May 2018
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Name: Ian Couryer
Phone: 082 306 5929

We have this report from Chris Williams fishing the Parys area:

“During the past month the flows have been too high for safe wading and fly fishing. During the past week the flows have come back to close to normal in the mid Vaal area. Both air and water temperatures have dropped especially with the cold front that has come over this past weekend. Unlike our friends in the USA we did not have a copy of their famous Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch! Nevertheless, the writer did manage a few autumn smallmouth yellows Czech nymphing on size 16 black PTN’s and size 14 brown PTN’s in the tail-end of runs on Saturday early afternoon. Around 4 p.m. there was a sporadic Baetis hatch in a slow shallow pool where there was warmer water (still about 17 degrees C) and good fun was enjoyed fishing a size 14 BWO dry with a size 16 partridge and yellow dropper to imitate the emergers. The yellows were sipping the dry leaving a couple of bubbles and gently taking the emerger soft hackle leaving no bubbles which made it easier to differentiate at about four or five rod length’s casting distance using a 10’ medium action 4 weight rod with a 20 foot leader tapering to 5x fluorocarbon for a ‘Fine And Far Off’ type presentation which was essential not to scare the wary fish. This light tackle was only workable as the shallows did not contain any rocks or fast currents so landing the fish quickly and safely was still possible. The cold front and rain is still pushing through which will make fly fishing challenging this week. There are reports of several largemouth yellows being caught in the vicinity heralding the winter largie season being underway.”