Date of Report: Tuesday, 11th December 2018
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Name: Edward Truter
Phone: 078 1141669

AMATOLA FLY FISHING CLUB (Stutterheim & Kingwilliamstown).

Gubu  & Maden dams.

Edward was at Gubu Dam a week ago and had very good fishing. Most of the rainbows are in the 1,2 to 2kg range while the browns have grown out very well with some already 1,5kg which is excellent for this species. Stocking of rainbows has been reduced so although the numbers are down on a year ago the average size in well up. The dam has dropped a bit as water has been taken off, but exposure of the banks has probably increased availability of nutrients. Most fish appear to be full of daphnia and plenty of crab.

Surface temperature is up to 18 -22°C but the thermocline is only about 1,5m down.

Both Gubu and Maden have been restocked with rainbows 3 weeks ago of 8cm size.

Regarding Maden Dam this water has been only lightly fished. It is fairly heavily weeded and a boat or float tube is required.

As in the case of most stillwaters fishing slows down from January through to mid-March until the water temperatures cool down.

For Gubu contact Edward Truter at or 078 1141669 or alternatively Ryan Smith at 078 0199967. For Maden Dam it is Dean Stoltz of Target Line at 043 7265133 or go to the website at


Most of the visitors to this picturesque venue are hikers but there is some interesting trout fishing as well. The Cata River contains wild browns, small in the forested upper reaches but larger in the bottom section. The nearby Mnyameni Dam contains plenty of pan sized wild rainbows so light tackle is required for angling. For more go to


This very productive water is full and looking good, but the weed is starting to grow back. There is access to bank anglers in part of the dam but if you have a tube please take one. As noted before it was thought that the low and warm water conditions in the drought of 2 years ago had killed off all the older stock, but a some of large rainbows appeared to have survived and are giving good sport. Most of the fish being caught are from last year’s stocking which are now in the 1 to 1,2kg range. Martin Davies re-stocked it 2 months ago with 150g rainbows from the Ventnor hatchery.


Ryan Smith at Gubu