FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Southern Drakensberg

Date of Report: Tuesday, 16th October 2018
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Name: Wolf Avni
Phone: 033 701 1511

The UHTFC spring festival has come and gone and with it, some great fish. One monster of over 70cm did the rounds on social media, but I cannot remember who the lucky angler was.?

After way above average precipitation in July and August and a very average September, the graph begins to dip and with half of October gone, we have had about a ¼ of long term precipitation. We can only hope the graph line does not continue to drop along the current dry trend.  Late September and early October saw water temps soar in line with the mini heat wave, but this last cold front brought some welcome relief, which is predicted to continue through much of the later part of October. 

For the moment the rivers are fine, flowing steadily, if a little low and we are optimistic that the medium term weather prediction holds enough wet to keep them so.  Dams too, generally are stable and fishing well, but if the rain holds off and farmers turn to their impoundments for irrigation, that could change in a heartbeat. 

Watch  this space. 


Upper Umzimkulu – photo by Bill Bainbridge