FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Tuesday, 12th December 2017
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Name: Roger Gurr
Phone: 082 464 6350

Hello Everyone,

                                As I write this report it’s raining again and this past weekend the winds blew hard, first from the north and yesterday from the north in the morning and strongly from the southwest in the afternoon.

The seas are dirty and rough and have been so for most of the last month offering very little opportunity to fly fish with any possibility of success.

Let’s hope that the conditions improve drastically so that our visitors to the coast can enjoy the sea and hopefully have some fun catching Shad. Speaking of Shad, there have been some huge Shad caught on bait and spoon, the biggest I heard of weighing 6kgs and others in the 3 to 4kg range. Shad love to trap baitfish right up against the beaches and rocky points and bays so there is always the chance for a fly fisherman to have your fly rod torn out of your hands by one of these monsters. Be prepared.

In my last report I spoke of the cleaning up of Durban harbour. That has gone quite well and although there is still a great deal to do to get to ideal conditions, it is a vast improvement on a month ago.

Just this morning Martin Smuts caught a Garrick of 66cm on a popper off the end of the centre bank, well done Martin. He puts in many hours out there on his own and it’s great to see him get rewarded with a quality fish. He has also caught, Mullet, Sand Gurnard and Kingfish in the bay during the past month. Martin uses his fishing ski to access the centre bank and other areas of the harbour so to anyone thinking of fly fishing the harbour, think about buying one, there are a number of skis available on Gumtree or Junkmail for very reasonable prices. Permits to fish the bay are available by joining Durban Paddle Ski Club and this will also give you access to Vetches Beach, a safe area to launch and great for getting used to sea conditions.

All the ski boat clubs are moving to a temporary building now so do not phone DPSC number, rather phone me and I will give you a committee members number to contact. You will also meet other paddle ski fishermen and make new friends.

Offshore the most common species caught have been Shad, Mackeral and Yellowfin Tuna a little further out if you enjoy a long paddle.

A few guys from our group fished the Umkomaas River near Richmond, before the rains came again and had some fun with small yellows and were surprised by some hungry  Sharp Tooth Catfish. The river was a little low but nice and clean and will definitely be worth another visit once the rains stop.

Mike and Justin Annells fished a river/estuary in the middle Transkei and although the fishing was slow, they fished hard all day and into the evenings and were rewarded with some quality Kingfish and Salmon on drop-shot  and paddle tails. It wonderful to find these rivers that are only in these great conditions, mainly because the areas remain undeveloped and for the most part are not farmed, also most of the riverine forests remain unspoilt. If you go to fish in the Transkei, please hire a local or two and pay them generously. They will appreciate the employment and it helps reduce petty theft in the area.

A few of the guys from our Fly Flickers group have also been catching Ox Eye Tarpon in an upper south coast lagoon and it’s great to see these fish growing in numbers again after some very bad chemical/effluent spills earlier this year.

Finally, to all visitors to the coast I hope you bring your fly fishing rods and tackle. Don’t forget to bring rock shoes and a line basket .

Have fun, be safe and Happy Happy to all of you.



Garrick from Durban harbour


Mullet from Durban harbour