FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - North Eastern Cape Highlands

Date of Report: Thursday, 7th December 2017
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Name: Dave Walker
Phone: 082 886 6690


There is happiness amongst the fisherfolk again as recent rains have restored all the streams to their normal summer levels and the yellowfish have started their annual upstream migration which has added attraction to stretches where one normally targets trout. Also, a couple of good trout have come out of the lake at Tiffendell. Dave reports that there are still 2 spots open for the Wild Trout/Epson festival which commences on 16 March so if you are quick you may still secure a booking for this premier fly fishing event.


Colin Moolman reports that the streams are in full spate and generally unfishable which is good news as the district was hard hit by last year’s drought and heat wave which had a major impact on the trout populations. A good sign is that there are plenty of fry in the upper reaches so expect the river fishing to recover in 18 months. In the meantime, the dams managed by the Maclear club are well stocked and 3 000 x 10cm rainbows were placed in 10 of their dams last month. At the same time advanced fingerlings were collected for some Ugie dams, one of which is a club dam while Vrederus is also sent a truck for their waters.

Lady Grey

Unfortunately, the good rains that have fallen to the east in Maclear and Rhodes have not reached this district and the Karringmelk is still on the low side.



The Big Pot River