Date of Report: Sunday, 16th December 2018
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Name: Brian Clark
Phone: 082 537 3285

It has become too warm for trout fishing in the nearby Sand River Dam so most of our anglers are targeting bass in this dam and Churchill Dam which has only bass. I have been keeping an eye on the dredging of van Stadens Dam and it is looking pretty good with clear water and the PH is only slightly on the low side whereas as some of the waters close to Port Elizabeth are decidedly acid.

We have delayed our stocking of browns which are being grown out at the Ventnor hatchery to large fingerling size and these will be placed in both Van Stadens and Bulk River Dam together with large rainbow fingerlings in mid-January.

Our club outing to the famous Thrift Dam was a great success fishing wise and it is a pity that only 6 members made it. I put in only 5 hours fishing and netted 19 rainbows mostly in the 3lb to 5lb range and most of the others did as well or better.


Stocking one of the dams near Port Elizabeth

Sand River Dam rainbow