Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Kosi

Date of Report: Thursday, 20th January 2022
Name: Rick Stadler
Phone: 0720316829

The weather and general conditions up at Kosi has been great over the last month! The current water temperature is sitting around 29’C and the bait fish numbers are increasing by the tide. We hosted a good number of guests that managed to get some fish although it was definitely not easy fishing! Lots of perseverance with very slow action!

At Kosi mouth unfortunately there has been lots of sand against the northern section of the reef pushing the channel pretty far from the rocks creating less favourite conditions for the big GT’s. We have unfortunately only landed a couple of juveniles. The two bays along the northern bank allowed us on several low tide sessions to wade out and literally cast into the backline zone. The Greenspot/Brassy kingies have been hunting along the sandy drop-offs with a good number of them around the 3kg mark caught. We also had some regular sightings of Zambi’s coming in to chase mullet onto the sandbanks. Threespot pompano, Threadfin mullet and garfish luckily helped to keep clients happy over the quiet days.

Our strategy of always fishing with flotation devices again proved to be essential after a client got washed off a bank into the channel after an exciting explosion of bait fish in casting range. Please don’t take chances, always wear that life vest! If not saving your life, it might save you from having to drop your tackle.

The lakes saw lots of fishermen searching for the big GT’s. Unfortunately, one beast of 126cm was caught and killed. Still too many fishermen out there that don’t realize how special and important every single one off these big fish are!

If you haven’t read the new Mission magazine, get your hands on it!

The turtle hatchling season has started; sure to attract some big River snapper and GT’s into the shallows at low light conditions!

Tight loops and get in contact if you need any advice, accommodation or want to join one of our trips up at Kosi!



Brassy kingfish