FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Winterberg & Stormberg

Date of Report: Thursday, 26th March 2020
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Name: Martin Davies
Phone: 082 398 1088 or 046 622 4423


We have a report from Martin which reads as follows: “The fishing at Ventnor (Redcillfe) has been good but nothing big is coming out although I’m getting good reports not just of the fishing but also the really comfortable accommodation & how Carol organises everything.

Thrift is up a little (it was down to 35%) and it still looks good for more rain between now and early April so we’re holding thumbs. The fishing continues to impress with catches of 50+ fish/ group of 2-3 people over the weekend (ie.Sat & Sun morning)averaging 3-4lb but with several beauties in the 5-7lb size range & some bigger being taken.

A chap(Steve) got a big fright a few weekends ago when he got pulled out of his canoe which also capsized!

After a monumental struggle he managed to get a really big fish close to him but the leader to fly line knot got caught in the end eye, and splash in he went when the fish made another dash for it!

Fortunately he managed to hold onto his rod and by the sounds of it got the fish close to him again(he must have used the upended canoe for support😳)when it jumped twice before breaking free. He estimated it to have been at least 12lb! This is corroborated by Andre from Somerset East who found a huge headless trout on the bank nearby the next day that he guessed was around 12lb. That poor fish probably got tangled up in the weed, leader still attached and then got taken by an otter.”

Stormberg (Queenstown area)

QFFC chairman Reg Morgan (082 7033489) says that most of the dams are full, the exceptions being Pine Grove which is 65% (this is a huge dam) and Oakley. The Molteno dams are looking much better and their brown trout dam which is up there is also full. The annual Queenstown Fly Fishing Club Gathering festival of 2 to 4 July will therefore have more than enough water on offer. Bookings through Reg have opened for the premier event.

Somerset East

Alan Hobson of the Angler& Antelope reports that conditions have improved significantly and the outlook for late autumn and winter is excellent. The premier trout water, Mountain Dam is full for the first time in some years and is looking brilliant and fishing well. The fingerlings which were stocked in late 2019 are growing out well. Most of the Bankberg club waters have been restocked and these include the Little Fish, Buffelshoek, Karreebosch, Glen Avon and the Waterfall on the Naudes River. Some of these waters have been restocked for the first time since 2008.


Mountain Dam