FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - North Coast

Date of Report: Tuesday, 23rd July 2019
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Name: Jeff Asherwood
Phone: 082 978 1098

There have been shad around but nothing to write home about. Off the beach at St Lucia on the low tide there is a nice hole one can cast into. Shad have been taken at Mapelane and Vidal also as well as small black tip kingfish. At Mission Rocks the structure looks great, but we got hardly a take at the last visit.

Being late winter the wind is a problem so of you want to flyfish you need to get out early because by 8 am the wind has come up and it has been blowing strongly of late.

The level of the lake has dropped back a bit as there has been no rain but there are plenty of flamingos on the water now.


The estuary – Lake St Lucia