FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Saturday, 8th June 2019
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Name: Roger Gurr
Phone: 082 464 6350

Good Day Everyone,
                                    Winter is slowly creeping in with darkness upon us earlier and earlier and I find myself getting out of bed reluctantly later in the mornings, waiting for the sun to warm the cold morning offshore breezes. The days of arriving at the beach at first light dressed in layers of clothing and jackets are over for me, not because I don’t enjoy the sunrises but because the Shad fishing just “ain’t what it used to be” Anyway it is still early in the winter season so perhaps the Shad will arrive in great numbers and give us all lots of fun. I love catching Shad and releasing them to the dismay and even the anger of some of the local fishermen.

Ok so there has not been much fly fishing this past month or two, however after the recent heavy rains opened the local rivers there were a few days when the fishing off the beaches was quite good. Wave Garrick, Shad and small Kingfish were on the bite and we had some fun for a change.
Durban harbour on the other hand has been a total disaster, firstly as a result of the heavy recent rains which dumped huge volumes of rubbish and plastic and trees, reeds, and weeds into the bay, our sewage plant  pumps were damaged soo badly that they failed completely resulting in millions and millions of tonnes of raw sewage entering the harbour and being drawn out through the harbour mouth thus polluting the entire Durban beach front area. It was soo bad the Ethikweni  authorities put a stop to all diving operations in the bay and a major surfing competition was cancelled at the eleventh hour, so no fishing in the bay since then.
Apparently the pumps have been repaired but I am not sure if the pollution levels are healthy enough to risk fishing in the bay yet.

I am afraid I do not have more encouraging news for you on the fishing front, however the good news is that as we move more into winter the shoals of Shad and other bait fish and perhaps the sardines will bring better fishing and, just maybe, that fish of a lifetime we all wish for every time we cast a fly.

That’s all for now.
Roger Gurr


Durban harbor on a good day