FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Tuesday, 17th September 2019
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Name: Martin Smuts

It is a pleasure for me to take on this responsibility of writing a monthly fly fishing report for FOSAF, an organization that does, to say the least, so much for our favourite past time. I trust that the reports will be informative and lead to us catching more fish on fly and hopefully releasing just as many.

Although currently quiet, reports of fly caught fish in Durban Harbour over the past couple of months have been on the upside. A fortunate few anglers were able to entice some winter-time Springer into taking the fly. Though they were not the biggest specimens, they did seem to put up an even harder fight in the cooler water or perhaps it is just that awesome nature of the Springer, to fight very hard, right to the very last. The presence of these “summer-time visitors” in our waters during the winter months has come as a quite a shock. A mere three years or so back there were hardly any reports of Springer being caught in the harbour and now we are basically getting them year-round. This really is encouraging to CAR fishermen, what with all the other influences that affect the quality of our water systems, it is good to know that the fish are more than willing to do their part. 

Other reports from the harbour include a few River Perch and a couple of Spotted Grunter, all of which were on the small side, although on a lightweight outfit it can be loads of fun and a whole morning can be spent targeting these juniors.

Another “winter-time visitor” has made their presence known along our coast line and harbours this year, that being the Garrick or Leervis. Reports of really good size fish being caught on live bait and drop shot have circled the chat groups, unfortunately none on fly. After having a chat with a fellow fly fisher at one of our local tackle shops, and hearing about the good size Garrick that were caught and those that got away, it seems that a couple of trips up north to Richards Bay next winter will be well worth the effort.

So, if the age old theory that fishing improves in the months ending with “R”, then we’re in for some “improved” fishing in the months to come.

Until next time, tight lines and screaming reels.




Small grunter