Date of Report: Wednesday, 10th June 2020
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Name: Edward Truter
Phone: 078 1141669

AMATOLA FLY FISHING CLUB (Stutterheim & Kingwilliamstown).

Gubu & Maden dams.

Edward Truter who was up at Gubu today states that fishing has recommenced and there have been a good number of members on the water since June 1. The dam has refilled substantially and is now up to 72% and is looking good. One benefit of the much lower water levels which preceded this period is that good weed beds have been established which were previously absent in this dam.

Presently the majority of fish being caught are in the 38cm to 42cm range and are rainbows from the late 2018 stocking. Edward stated that it was not unusual to net at least 12 of the rainbows per day. There are also a few 40cm browns being caught. These are from the 2018 stocking and it good to see that they are around as they were placed in the dam as very small fingerlings and there was some doubt whether would survive.

As yet nobody has fished Maden since June 1 but the dam was looking good before the lockdown.

Gubu was stocked earlier this year with rainbow fingerlings from a new hatchery in Hogsback and a further stocking is planned for November.


Most of the visitors to this picturesque venue are hikers but there is some interesting trout fishing as well. The Cata River contains wild browns in the forested upper reaches but larger in the bottom section. Apparently the nearby Mnyameni Dam is now 100% full and the average size of rainbows caught has increased from pan size to something a bit bigger.


After fishing superbly late last year the water level dropped drastically in February. We have had no news of fishing conditions since June 1 but apparently the dam level has increased with the rain.


Early morning on Gubu near the dam wall – courtesy of David Taylor