Date of Report: Monday, 6th January 2020
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Name: Edward Truter
Phone: 078 1141669

AMATOLA FLY FISHING CLUB (Stutterheim & Kingwilliamstown).

Gubu  & Maden dams.

With water being released from Gubu for downstream users and a very dry early summer the water level is down to about 60%. Fortunately, this is a very large and deep dam so there is no concern yet about low levels being a threat to the fish population. Some large browns have been taken over the festive season and despite the low levels catches of rainbows have been reasonable.

There is concern about the amount of poaching carried out at Maden and if there is no control of this illegal practice the club may have to discontinue stocking.

Restocking with rainbow fingerlings will take place later this month or February and an order has been placed for a brown trout deliver of fingerlings in June.


Most of the visitors to this picturesque venue are hikers but there is some interesting trout fishing as well. The Cata River contains wild browns in the forested upper reaches but larger in the bottom section. The nearby Mnyameni Dam which contains plenty of pan sized wild rainbows which are very hard fighting. There are also a few browns from a previous stocking. Small natural flies, especially brown, work well and most of the fish are taken near the inlet or off the wall with most of the bigger fish taken from the wall..


This small stream is very low at the moment. Postpone any visit until the rains start.


Apparently, this is the stillwater to fish at the moment. The dam is full and completely recovered from the drought several years ago. It is well stocked and plenty of rainbows in the 1,5 to 2,5kg class are being taken.


Mnyameni Dam