Date of Report: Tuesday, 7th January 2020
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


According to John Hunter of the Village Angler they have had lots of rain and Town Dam which was dangerously low a month ago is now overflowing strongly. This means that the Crocodile River is also flowing well after being a trickle in November. However, the fishing has generally been slow to very slow. Water temperatures are high so one has to be very careful with catch and release.

Small tadpole patterns of course work well at this time of year although John caught several at Jansens with a fast retrieve with an attractor fly and Millstream which has been giving possibly the best fishing recently saw one angler catch 8 with a well sunk DDD.


Renovations been completed and the grounds are looking great. New members joined and we are very excited as the club is finding it's feet. The Willow Dam outlet has been repaired, filled and restocked. Fishing catches is up, members and visitors can enjoy some great fishing. The visitors and picknick area new braai build. Not to mention the campsites bathrooms with new geysers and face-lift. Contact is at And the site foreman Sarel Bredell 0827346304. Day tickets may be purchased at R150,00 with FOSAF card holders paying a reduced rate of R130,00.


Werner Wessels, chairman of the local club (, states that the Sabie is flowing well but a bit discoloured after heavy rain. It was stocked before Christmas and is fishing very well with catch returns up to 10 per day. 3-day permits for the Sabie are available at Merry Pebbles Holiday Resort and Ligna Lodge.

Unfortunately, the Blyde above Pilgrims Rest will probably not open again for fishing as it is private property but one can get permits to fish the river below the town.


Sabie River