Date of Report: Wednesday, 2nd October 2019
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


According to John Hunter of the Village Angler the many of the dams are low and dropping fast so hopefully rain will fall soon.  Flies in vogue are mainly small patterns on floating and intermediate lines while a good number of fish have been taken on dries

At the TFFC waters at Middelpunt ( browns have featured prominently in catch returns.

On Friday the Dullstroom Bonanza, one of the top trout festivals in the country commences.


The club still has very good waters and a production unit which produces trout for its dams. Currently the club is battling to keep going but the owner of the property is revamping the buildings and improving the dams.  Anton Henning, the new chairman, who is without a doubt well qualified for the job has our best wishes for success. Anton may be contacted at 082 6136519 or


Werner Wessels, chairman of the local club (, states that the Sabie is very low but the river is well stocked and those using a careful approach and long leaders the have made some good catches.

The upper Blyde River is still closed for fishing during winter. There have been some large fires so expect the river to remain closed until October after the first good rains.

Day and 3-day permits for the Sabie are available at Merry Pebbles Holiday Resort and Ligna Lodge. Unfortunately, Big Sky Fishing and Outdoor has closed down. 


A brownie from TFFC’s Dam 2