FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Tuesday, 21st May 2019
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Name: Gary Grobler
Phone: 0823520336

The sea temperature is currently sitting around 17 degrees.

Flat rocks - Only fished once but blanked totally. The barometer was way down and the water too clear. Still beats a day in the office though.

Swartkops River – The lower reaches of the river have had some really good fish coming out. Both Garrick and skipjack. Plenty of huge grunter but unfortunately not on fly. Even several good size gurnard have fallen prey to fly.

Sundays River – Some reports have been received of good sized cob but all from the boating fraternity and on live bait.

Gamtoos River – no reports received.


Into a fish at Swartkops


An unusual catch – looks like a saltwater barbel