FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Garden Route

Date of Report: Friday, 28th February 2020
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Name: Brian Sowden
Phone: 076 0525634

SO, after the holiday season the catches are down drastically 

But that does not mean the fish are gone, they are still around in numbers.

In the Mossel Bay area Dawie Botha had great fun going after bonito on fly.

If they are about and chasing bait balls it is quite a sight to behold.

Keep an eye in diving birds and follow them and no doubt you will start see them boil a porpoise.

They give a decent fight on the fly,

In Knysna the garrick are still around, targeting them at drop offs, using top water flies like gurglers, popper and flippers will make for a very entertaining time as they chase and smash your fly.

Kob are hiding in upper reaches of the estuary and at night with big brush flies and sponge bobs one should hook into one and have a nice tug 'o war on your hands.

Use 10 weight or above tackle as they will not that easily brought in when your tackle is too light.

Plettenberg Bay produced garrick toward the N2 area of the Bitou River. But your grunter are still plentiful and with plenty patience and determination will result in success.

Goukamma mouth is periodically open and grunter are still around, and with the water mainly low, can be easily seen is they blow for prawn.

Sedgefieldalways has fish to target above the train bridge and the N2 bridge.

Garrick, Grunter, Mullet, Kob and Stripe Mullet are found in abundance and a few very nice specimens have been caught by conventional angler.

Early morning and late afternoon are great times for Garrick and Grunter before the sun gets to high

Generally, garrick and grunter as well as mullet are always found in our estuaries.

Tight loops



Dawie Both with a bonito