The Dirt Road Wild Trout Festival from 17 to 21 March 2020 is just around the corner. Although we would always welcome more, the Eastern Cape Highlands have been blessed with “climate change” late but good rains so the streams and rivers are all running well. Those who fished during the festive season did very well with smallmouth yellowfish, some of over 60cm and many trout in a variety of sizes. This augurs well for the festival. 

The event itself consists of 4 days of fishing and 5 nights of talking about fishing and much other banter. Lunch-packs are provided for the fishing outings and evening dinners are at Walkerbouts Inn - Rhodes where participants gather every evening to regale willing listeners with their endeavours of the day. This is also an opportunity for others to point out occasional “nonsenses” that their fishing buddies have experienced and/or brought upon themselves!

A highlight of the event is an auction of mostly fishing related items with the proceeds accruing to the Wild Trout Association (WTA). This contributes to ongoing promotion of the fishing opportunities in the EC Highlands and its members widespread accommodation. All of this and much, much more is included in the WTA guidebook, a tome of around 200 pages that is the most detailed document available on fly fishing in the North Eastern Cape Highlands.

For the entry form please click here. Note the discounts for paid up FOSAF members.

For more information, see or e-mail Margie Murray:


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