FOSAF NEWS - Stocking Yellowfish: YWG Policy Statement June 2010

The YWG has reviewed its policy regarding the stocking of yellowfish (the moratorium) and has adopted the following policy statement:

"The Yellowfish Working Group supports initiatives that will improve the health of our rivers with natural populations of indigenous species that can support environmentally friendly and sustainable angling. We therefore do not encourage the stocking of farm dams and small private waters with indigenous species, because of the many threats to our environment associated with the movement and release of indigenous fishes. There are many unintended consequences of stocking and we encourage landowners to carefully consider whether they really need to stock their private waters and to work closely with conservation authorities and the new National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act. The movement of fish is a regulated activity and needs a permit from the relevant conservation authority/ies. The Yellowfish Working Group is strongly against the stocking outside the natural range or artificial breeding and subsequent stocking anywhere of any indigenous species, unless such stocking is undertaken as part of a conservation management plan designed to prevent extinction or as part of legal aquaculture activities. This is because of several well-documented threats to the genetic integrity of species and biodiversity in general."

The next step will be to formulate specific species management plans for yellowfish.

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