FOSAF NEWS - FishMAP pamphlet

With our rapidly expanding population and other global challenges comes increased stress on our natural ecosystems and biodiversity. This is especially true for freshwater ecosystems in Africa where pressures on freshwater resources are expected to intensify exponentially in upcoming decades. To make informed policy and management decisions about how to protect our freshwater biodiversity, we need data. That's where you come in. Powered by you, the citizen scientists, FishMAP is now collecting freshwater fish records from across Africa so that we can update species distribution records and fill in distribution gaps - information that is invaluable when it comes to conserving our freshwater fishes and their aquatic habitats. These are exciting times as never before has the potential contribution of citizen scientists to freshwater conservation in Africa been so great. Nature is the silent giver that brings us so much joy, and here is a chance for us to give back!


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