Flyfishing report: Mpumalanga - Bass

Date of Report: Friday, 27th March 2015
Name: Elton Losper
Phone: 081 0178574

I would like to start this report of by introducing myself. My name is Elton-Jeffrey and I will be submitting the new bass fly fishing reports for Mpumalanga.  This is a new segment that Peter and I came up with in the hope of drawing other bass fly anglers to the FOSAF community as well as just broadening the current fishing reports.  I reside in the small town of Witbank about an hour away from Pretoria heading towards Nelspruit.  I started fly fishing for bass due to the area I live in, and the fact that our water bodies don’t contain any trout,and the yellowfish are seldom caught.  It is for this reason that I started to target other species and it quickly became apparent that bass was going to be on top of the list.  Our water system in and around of Witbank consists of the municipal dam (Witbank Dam) and the Olifants River which feeds it and flows from it towards Loskop Dam.



 Witbank Dam is famous for holding the previous South African Bass record and needless to say our bass are large and plentiful.  Bass makes for excellent fly fishing as they are very temperamental fish and will attack almost anything.  Bass are masters of ambush and it is for this reason that they tend to stick around structure giving them cover.  They can swallow a fly with a soft delicate touch that if you are not paying attention you will miss the take, and on the other end of the spectrum they can demolish your fly with such speed and power it will leave you speechless.  When you hook a bass the fun really starts, they fight dirty and frequently take to the air trying to shake the fly, or they will dive to their structure in which case you have to muscle them away.  All of this makes for truly interesting fishing sessions.  Bass can be caught on almost any type of fly from nymphs to little mayfly patterns (yes they eat small insects as well).  A woolly bugger is a universally potent fly and works well for bass, but there is truly no substitute for the ecstasy that courses through your veins when you are fishing a dry fly and suddenly a bass launches out of the water taking your fly.  I think I have made my case about fly fishing for bass and I hope it will inspire you to also have a go at it.  There will be monthly reports about the bass fishing in Mpumalanga following this report.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Peter or myself if you have any questions or ideas concerning fly fishing for bass or the reports, you feedback will be greatly appreciated.  Until the next report, happy fishing.



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