FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Tuesday, 17th March 2020
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Name: Dylan van Breda
Phone: 0767730426

Dylan van Breda has kindly taken over this page from Gary Grobler and his March monthly report is as follows:

Sea temperature: With plenty of east wind recently this dropped to 14°, then came back to 20°C when the wind dropped, but is now cooling down again as can be expected in autumn.

Krom estuary: Some good garrick were taken on lures up-river on the spring tide.

Gamtoos estuary: Lots of young kob around and garrick have been taken from the nearby beach on spinners.

Swartkops: No skipjack have been seen recently but plenty of young garrick have moved in which is normal for this time of year. These young fish of 30cm to 50cm can give good sport on a 5 wt fly rod. During April one can expect larger garrick near the mouth. In the Skulpies area which is a favourite spot for flyfishers kob are usually present.

Sundays River: Lots of swimming prawns around which means that game fish will be after them. This is a good time to target garrick and kob.

Surf: Spinning tackle anglers have taken kob off the Van der Riet and Kabeljouws beaches.

Marine drive, PE: Elf have been taken on spinner in this area. April/May months usually produce trophy elf (shad).

Offshore: The boats have been taking yellowtail of St Francis.


Kob- photo courtesy of Anthony Kruger