Date of Report: Monday, 11th November 2019
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Name: Brian Clark
Phone: 082 537 3285

Last weekend the FOSAF Eastern Cape Region held it’s AGM at the AFFC clubhouse at Gubu Dam. I am happy to report that I was able to stand down as chairman and Reg Morgan of Queenstown kindly agreed to take over. I will however remain as vice chair until Reg feels comfortable in his new position.

We had a very well attended club outing (Eastern Cape Freshwater Fish Conservancy) to Baviaanskloof where a good number of smallmouth bass were caught. It was good to see plenty of kids amongst the participants. Our next club outing will be to Sand River Dam later in the month. We also expect to be able to restock trout fingerlings in Bulk River Dam and upper Van Stadens before the end of the year.

The club website is at


Kougha River, Baviaanskloof