Date of Report: Friday, 11th August 2017
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Name: Robbie Olivier
Phone: 082 604 1651

Here in the KZN coastal area we are into the start of the prime time for bassing. This is the pre-spawn time when bass are feeding up prior to spawn which will commence in a week or two when the water reaches 20ºC. The Midlands and Highveld area will be a bit later but the main spawning time will be in September. Highveld fish are conditioned to spawn at temps lower than 20ºC.

 Most of the fish in the big KZN dams like Inanda and Albert Falls will be some way off the shallow water and during last week’s competition against Zimbabwe the fish were being taken at about 3,5 to 6 metres depth. During the pre-spawn period bass are usually easier to catch, but once they have made their nests in the shallow water they easier to see and one can sight fish for them and you have the opportunity to target some really big fish. Our big dams such as Inanda and Albert Falls are lower than usual, 62% for Inanda and only 33% for Albert but at least water levels are stable which is a necessary feature for spawning to commence.


Albert Falls