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Update: CapeNature Rehabilitation project in the Cederberg.

Below is an update from Dean Impson on the progress with the project:

“CapeNature is proceeding with intermediate planning for the Krom River rehabilitation project in the Cederberg, Western Cape.  The initial rehabilitation plan involved the removal of non-native rainbow trout, largemouth bass and bluegill sunfish from the river, with the river to be treated with rotenone from Disa Pool to a natural barrier within Matjies River Nature Reserve, more than 10km downstream. The trout are mainly in the cooler upper reaches, where they co-exist with a genetically unique lineage of Clanwilliam rock catfish.  The initial plan involved the capture of the catfish before the treatment and their return to the river after it. However, to reduce risk to the catfishes, CapeNature has revised its plan so that the new treatment zone, which starts just above the Krom River tourist reception area, excludes most of the catfish zone upstream, where most of the trout occur.  The land-owners of Krom River Farm are major partners in this project, and wish to see native fishes (including Clanwilliam yellowfish and sawfin) established in the river and farm dams, and promote catch and release angling for native fishes.  They have produced an excellent range of craft beers (e.g. Chubbyhead stout) in support of conservation of native fish species.  At their reception area are two beautiful aquariums with Clanwilliam yellowfish, sawfins and clanwilliam redfins.

Monitoring and research of the project has started, led by the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity and supported by the Water Research Commission. Post graduate students from several universities have participated in the field work.” 

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