FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Tuesday, 19th February 2019
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Name: Gary Grobler
Phone: 0823520336

The sea temperatures the last several days have plummeted and at the last check was sitting around 14 -15 degrees. Despite this some fish have come out.

Flat rocks -  Fished once to sighted blacktail. Had several knocks and managed to drop one.

 Swartkops River – This river produces fish when you least expect it. Besides the odd garrick Rudi Bower landed a 40cm shad. According to Rudi this is his first. Just goes to show how much we still have to learn about fish and their movement. An unconfirmed report was a cob of 30 plus kilograms. Taken on bait using conventional tackle.

Kromme River – No report

Sundays River – Several above average cob taken in the surf zone using bait.

Offshore - confirmed reports of huge shoals of yellowtail and bonito. Where you may ask? Well that will be telling….