FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - East Free State & Lesotho

Date of Report: Tuesday, 25th September 2018
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Name: Andre Burger
Phone: 083 632 8729

Eastern Free State

We have had terrible winds for almost 8 weeks and very little fishing has taken place. In fact there have been a number of very nasty fires in the area and a farmers child was killed. The Klein Caledon was closed over winter to allow this river which was hard hit by the drought of a year ago to recover and the fish to spawn. I am not aware of anyone fishing the stream recently

The Townlands Dam at Clarens which the municipality allowed to almost dry out has now been pumped full again and we are planning to stock it shortly.

Despite the winds a few ventured out to Sterkfontein Dam and a couple of yellows were taken, but the wind needs to abate and the water temperature must warm up a few more degrees before the Sterkies season really begins.

Lesotho report from Keith at Tourette

The rivers in Lesotho reopened on Sept 1 and are currently low. Tourette’s camp on the Bokong River at the head of Katse Dam only reopens on November 1 when the yellows start to migrate up the river. There has been rain and snow in the area, but it is hoped that good rain will fall before Nov 1 to trigger the migration.


Klein Caledon